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Advance Consulting Services is a 50% women owned professional management and development consulting firm. Established as a catalyst change agent, Advance utilizes decades of its consultants experience and functional expertise in partnership with its clients in leveraging their capabilities, and mobilizing their resources in bringing about tangible results and benefit of the society.

Our organizational- level approach:
We focus on providing objective advice and assistance relating to the strategy, structure, management and operations of organizations and in pursuit of long-term purposes and objectives.

Not only does Advance invest in understanding and demonstrating how to operate an organization effectively but we also understand our clients’ business model and business models of their competitors. Put within a clear framework of understating the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental context of client’s business we maintain a commitment to keeping abreast of changing environments and in client’s business sector.

Advance incorporates external changes and trends into client’s and own business models and processes and view client’s organizational processes with a holistic perspective (how well they serve the client’s customers, employees, stakeholders, and investors in delivering products and services efficiently and effectively). Once a clear perspective has been formulated, we apply our analytical and proactive thinking to client agenda to ensure robust, attainable and applicable solutions that are based on facts and research within client and sector context are presented to achieve client’s engagement objective.

Our project management approach:
In a typical PM engagement, Advance applies practiced and proven project management principles to consulting projects. Our approach starts off with establishing clear objectives and deliverables with client and setting forth project schedule and accountability for delivery of objectives. Furthermore, we establish project change control procedures in partnership with the client; define communications plan and reporting procedures for project and its respective disengagement plan.

Our Business Model:
In realizing that clients needs vary and require engagement specific experience to meet their objectives, Advance maintains a client-demand consultancy model. With the management and technical advisory of its core consultants, Advance works with a large pool of associate consultants with a wide and diverse expertise, qualifications and skills according to the nature of the assignment at hand to meet the client’s and Advance’s Quality & Engagement Principle expectations. Simply put; we bring the best resources to meet your needs.

Our Pledge:
Working in the best interests of our clients is our golden rule and what guides our day to day practice and decisions. We take ownership and full responsibility for our work and hold ourselves accountable to rigorous self managed quality measures to ensure client satisfaction with the engagement outcomes.

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